Board Members




  • Vilma Rondez
  • Rose & Mike Rokicki
  • Gerry Ysip
  • Tina & Bruce H-Brown
  • Frank Ligan
  • Esther Ignacio
  • Luz & Joe Gruender
  • Tessie Ferrer
  • Rosanne Watson
  • Ana Alegria
  • Millie Vargas
  • Bishop George Chigwada
  • Orlando & Josephine Threet
  • Sumner & Rosalie Pajarillo

In His Service

Although we are members of different Christian church groups as well as this foundation, we serve first and foremost Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord.

We serve Him with the gifts and resources He has given us as He sees fit, and seek our reward not from men but only from Him.

We believe that it is only the Lord who leads us and opens the doors of opportunity where we can be fellow-servants with pastors who seek after His heart and serve in humility and obedience to his word..