Planting Seeds Toward the Future

The Dayspring Commission’s desire to provide pastors and their communities with a means to generate income led to the development of the Livelihood Ministry in 2007. Using the Lord’s counsel, My people suffer for lack of knowledge, as the fulcrum for this program, the ministry’s goals are to create economic activity for pastors and church congregations so that they can learn to be economically self-reliant and to also use the livelihood project as a tool for evangelism.

Dayspring first launched pilot projects involving piggery, goats, and crops in Midsayap, which is located in Mindanao’s Cotabato Province. As a new litter of livestock is birthed, the recipient family then hands over a portion of their livestock to a new family, with the cycle continuing. As the program grows, countless families will be able to start their own businesses and have personal food sources to sustain their own needs. In turn, they too will bless others. The results so far have exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to the Lord’s ever-sustaining provision for these impoverished communities.