Welcome to Dayspring Commission, Inc.

OUR VISION:  Committed to serving God by bringing inspiration, hope and transformation to lives in communities around the world.

OUR MISSION:   Be a conduit of God’s kingdom resources to meet the needs of pastors and leaders and the communities they serve. We respond to the needs by organizing outreaches such as leadership conferences, livelihood projects, and disaster relief; and by providing basic living essentials such as food, clothing, and school supplies.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…

Matthew 28:19

Recent Message

How does wearing your facemask in 2021 relate to Acts 9:1-22 ? In this video, Pastor Ron Trevino shares how our world needs an encounter with God during these confusing and trying times. Now it is particularly important to surround ourselves with good people who we can trust. Saul, on his road to Damascus, was blinded but had close companions upon whom he could trust. Saul was “born again” but was not “enlightened“ until his praying and fasting were completed and until he showed humility and a willingness to be corrected. Acceptance of God’s church today is our answer for a permanent transformation and a “de-mask” for us on our road to Jesus in 2021.

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