Our mission is to connect with leaders through conferences, training programs, and encounter retreats and to ultimately impact communities in the Philippines.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…

Matthew 28:19

Recent Happenings

Are you ready for God’s increase? Today’s powerful message by Pastor Ron Trevino is based upon Isaiah 54:2-3. Pastor Ron reviews God’s promise that “increase is coming” and we need to position ourselves and be ready to give a response to what is coming. We need to enlarge our tent and extensions to our “dwelling.” What we currently have is not enough for what is coming! Do you realize that our “dwelling or tent” could be our mind? God could be telling us to prepare our mindset, our thinking needs to be enlarged! How could God change our way of thinking? There are several ways to do this; our increase can be expressed financially, by our level of influence, by increasing our areas of impact and growth, and finally by promotion. Pastor Ron encourages us not to hold back, do not hesitate to act or speak! He briefly explains why most of us have difficulties in these areas and what we can do to overcome each of them. Many of us have never heard of the powerful actions we can take now to welcome God into our life. The “increase” that is upon us is clearly explained by Pastor Ron. If you are not ready and want to be prepared for your “increase,” we encourage you to review Pastor Ron’s video as soon as possible!

Have you ever pleaded to the Lord for help? When you feel His response: “HOW CAN I HELP YOU,” what do you say? Do you keep your response “too small” or do you “think big?” Today’s powerful message from Pastor Ron Trevino is based on 2 Kings 4. It will open your eyes to what is available to us by asking! Our miracle moment will always be a partnership with God after we close the door of the past. Often, God will use others to help even if they don’t know they are helping us. He will only ask us for what we have in our house, within ourselves. Watching this video, we believe you will be encouraged to move from emptiness to fullness, to be filled with His Will and His Abundance. We encourage you to take part and don’t limit what God has for you!