OUR VISION:  Committed to serving God by bringing inspiration, hope and transformation to lives in communities around the world.

OUR MISSION:   Be a conduit of God’s kingdom resources to meet the needs of pastors and leaders and the communities they serve. We respond to the needs by organizing outreaches such as leadership conferences, livelihood projects, and disaster relief; and by providing basic living essentials such as food, clothing, and school supplies.

Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…

Matthew 28:19

Recent Message

“Power Relationships” by Pastor Ron Trevino

“Power Relationships” Do you have unity and peace within your house? If so, there is POWER in your life! Today, Pastor Ron Trevino enlightened us on “Power Relationships and Power Partnerships.” God is preparing these types of partnerships for a greater cause. God brings unity through relationships and partnerships. When you have the right partner, the harvest is great. God wants us to have partnerships with others who have the same mind and same direction. Don’t partner with someone going in the opposite direction! They will deter and delay you in achieving the accomplishments God has chosen for you. It is better to have a partner then go it alone. In fact, try to find a third person for your partnership. A triple cord cannot be broken. A good friend will be there when you fall, will help you up and move on with your life. Friends will not judge you, but will walk with you and pray for you. God has been preparing, unifying, and making us ready for our next exploits. It is not good for man to be along. Our partner will bring balance into our life and help us in areas where we are not strong. What should I be looking for in a life partner? Find compatibility, not compromise, when trying to fit with the person you are pursuing or attached to. Seek partnerships within the right community of people. The apostles were deeply linked in fellowship; they shared with everyone within their community. That is the type of community we want to be part of in our life. You are, if you are a member of Dayspring Commission.

“Be Strong, Don’t Give Up” Rev Lee Doyle Ruud

Today we have a very special message for you from Reverend Lee Doyle Ruud who is visiting us from India, along with his wife and son. Don’t miss his words of encouragement, which are a very special gift from God for each of us.

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